Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Seattle Free School: where you can learn DIY yourself

Great things are happening at The Seattle Free School. Right now , their blog has a few free "quick" classes on doing things, one is how to make microwave popcorn, we looked into that yesterday and let me say it is genius! Imagine no more chemically laden microwave popcorn. No more plastic wrap on the package of microwave popcorn. A bag for about 20 cents!

Seattle Free School is just that- you learn from the experiences of others. The Seattle Free School is for the community by the community. All are welcome. No money ever exchanges hands- all that is exchanged are skills, knowledge and experiences.

I have taken a couple of cool classes put on by them- one for preserving food that I grow, and a class on Sprouting. Both are excellent classes. I notice their blog has a "quick class" on making your own Laundry Soap

The Seattle Free School- free lessons for free thinking people!

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