Friday, January 15, 2010

Last post on DIY

This is going to be the last post on this blog. For awhile, anyway. Not that we have done all the DIY we can do, but I am finding it hard to keep up 2 Blogs when the content is about the same. So I invite everyone who comes here to sneak on over to Rob's World, and hopefully you will find simular topics that you like. I will keep this blog up for those who want to reference items. It's been fun sharing my junk with you all.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

How to make Peanut Butter Pine Cone Bird Feeders

One of the best parts of cooler weather in the winter is Bird Feeding! Here, "Mommy points" Blog shows how to make Pine Cone Bird Feeders out of peanut Butter, Birdseed and an old pine cone! One of the comments says if your kid has nut allergys use shortening!

How to make a Lighted Bottle Decoration

These are super easy to make all you need is
a small string of mini LED lights (I used a small string of Battery operated LED's)LED's dont not get hot!
36" of ribbon
a Glass Drill bit
First step, drill a 3/8" hole in the bottom of the bottle, then string the LED lights through it.
then pull the lightd out the mouth of the bottle, and wrap ribbon around the string of lights
Then push the ribbon and the lights back in
There you have a unique bottle ornament. This looks good with frosted wine bottles. Also can be done with glass blocks, forget the ribbon, just put the lights in the block after drilling the hole, then hot glue the ribbon on like a christmas package.
HINT: It drills so much easier if you have a drill press. If you don't just be very careful with your power drill.

This post is part of Trash to Treasure Tuesday on ReInvented blog
I discovered another BLog for the DIY'er- Reinvented She has lots of great Idea's and giveaways- so arm yourself with a hot glue gun and get busy!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Another Man's Treasure Now Open

I opnened my own store on Etsy. Called "Another Man's Treasure". I hope y'all will stop on an take a look around.

I plan on featuring Up-Cycled items, a few crafts and some bling.

LOL - retirement-here I come!!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

How to make Gift Card Envelopes and Holders

Are you like me and gift cards are part of your christmas? Well, why not make your gift cards special and have a hint of homemade gifts- make your own gift card envelopes and holders. One way I do this is take apart a small envelope, carefully - dissect it at the glued seams, and when it is apart you have a template! Just trace this onto some old paper (I use pages from those damn Christmas catalogs that are sent to me. Or you could get fancy and use these templates to make really nice holders

Cool thing is you can make a gift card very personal- and have some hand made in it as well. Or you can make a cd envelope and give cd's with a personal selection of music on it. Or photgraphs on CD.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Make a Soap Stand

I saw a soap stand on Ikea Hacker- made from a heavy candle stick and a pie plate- Not wanting to waste what could be a perfectly good Pie Tin (In hopes of pie for later) I started scavenging the thrift store up the street- Here is what I came up with: I found a great small round metal platter and a brass candle stick. I simply super glued the candle stick to the metal platter and spray painted in my mom's bathroom colors! (Or what I perceive them to be). Next step is to find some handmade soaps for the tray. This could be a perfect gift for aunt or a friend or someone who likes baths with fancy soaps I guess.