Thursday, January 29, 2009

How to make tomato paste

Yeaterday, beth made the comment on my post about making catsup that the tomato paste can has BPA in it. Of course, I never knew that you could make your own tomato paste. From the fantastic PICK YOUR OWN website- here is how to make your own tomato paste- and you can freeze it rather than can it.

The Pick Your Own site is a fantastic website with canning and preservation instructions, where to find U-Pick farms,pumpkin patches, corn mazes all over the USA where to find canning supplies- a vast plethora of preservation information!


Anonymous said...

Ha! After you go through all this work to make homemade tomato paste and then to make homemade catsup, are you really going to eat it or hang it on the wall for posterity?

I kid.

Thanks for sharing the tomato paste instructions. I may have to try a version of it (smaller, smaller batch) this summer.

Robj98168 said...

Ha Ha. I am gonna frame the damn catsup Ms. Fish Actually I have use d abit of it already for meatloaf. Que Bella (I made the meatloaf out of half hamburger half italian sausage)