Tuesday, February 3, 2009

How to grow Sprouts and Garden Inside

Another repost from my Rob's World Blog:
Delicous radish sprouts

Since my new founded interest in sprouting, I would dearly love to try one of those fancy sprouting systems sold online, But instead I madesome new sprouting jars. The easy answer is to use a meshy fabric like cheesecloth or some nylons and wrap around the top like in the second video. But, being a guy, I don't have nylons lying around and not about to go out and buy some Big Mama nylons. These are easy to make- don't buy sprouting jars or lids. Here is how I make mine. Take an ordinary mason jar. You need to buy some type or meshor netting to use in place of the cap. I use plastic canvass, which is available at JoAnn's and I would imagine Michael's has them as well. Take a mason jar and put it on the plastic canvass lid side down-
Take a mason jar and put it on the plastic canvass lid side down- and a sharpie to mark the circle.
Then simply cut the circle out of the canvass. Now place it ontop of the mason jar and screw on the lid. There you have a sprouting jar in whatever size you need! For instructions on using your sprouting jar, go to sproutpeople or sprouting.com or best yet the cityfarmer.org.
Roger and Anna are a tad bit irritating but give good info:

Good info one making sprouting jars using cheescloth or nylons:


healinggreen said...

Argh! Wish I hadn't just ordered a sprouting jar, wholesale for $5, but still... I was sprouting in a bit glass jar with thin mesh fabric on top, held on by a rubberband, but it was a bit too messy and just didn't quite seem sanitary in the long run... Just dicovered your blog, love it all :)

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