Sunday, June 14, 2009

How to make a collapsible table

Ever want a little table when you go for picnic or a concert in the park? well MarshW came up with this neat diy Collapsible Table on Super easy to make, I made one. My variations: I used PVC Lattce strips instead of hardwood, except I used 1X2 pine for the crossbrace. And I made up a pvc leg Instead of doing the legs real nice like he did.

I simply ran a 10-4 bolt through a pvc threaded cap then throught the 1X2 and made sure it was long enough to go throught the table

The final result - a neat little table for car shows, picnics, concerts in the park
The best part? It all rolls up to go to the next outing!
I would say that if I make another table, I will make it entirely out of 1X2 pine, and I will follow directions on the legs or use actual furniture legs. But I am happy with my table!


Beth E-R said...

Hi Rob,

This is one spiffy table. I love that it rolls up. Thanks for the funny comment on my post about my new grandbaby. I'm sure she will be able to knock out a birdbath from a lamp before she hits pre-school!
Beth of Salvage Studio

Rachat de credit said...

Guides like that are very helpful, now to make a collapsible table is an quick task by using your tips. Kudos