Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Give a personalized clock for Christmas

Very easy to do. Take a clock (the one I used is "TAJMA" clock from IKEA) and basically you use the clock as a frame! Remove the clear plastic cover by releasing the tabs on the back of the clock, carefully remove the hands, take off the clock face. Then I printed this logo on some glossy photo paper, used the old face as a template, trace the circle size on your picture, cut carefully, punched a small hole in the center, put my pic in and put the hands back on and put the cover back on. This clock is for the coffee shop I frequent every morning. A cool Christmas gift or any time gift... my car club even had me make some up for Car Show awards one year! The winners got a picture of their car on the clock! If you are like me you have some of these plastic bodied clocks lying around- so here is a re-use/recycle for you. too!

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