Thursday, September 25, 2008

How to make your own Oil lamp from an old bottle

You can use pop bottles, liquor bottles -any glass bottle to make your own oil lamp- Handy to have in a power outage Just follow the instructions on this instructable on how to make an oil lamp from a bottle

Sunday, September 21, 2008

More rocket stoves

Here is a video on making a 16 Brick Rocket stove. This is super easy. No stove pipes or metal to mess with.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

HOW to Re-Use a pizza box as a solar oven!

Another great way to cook during an emergency is solar ovens. My friend Chile has a great solar oven, but if you want to make one and try it for yourself, here is a video showing how to make a solar oven from a pizza box

How to make a Rocket Stove

I found a video that gives good instruction on building your own rocket stove . A rocket stove heats the air and makes a fast cooking camp stove. Great thing for camping or power outages and such, and cheap too! A great way to re-use some materials that would just go to the land fill!
POST SCRIPT NOTE: I made mine out of a popcorn tin, some old stove pipe a grate and some sand

I built a Rocket Stove out of an old Popcorn Tin, some stove pipe and some other things hanging around the house
get a hot fire going using only twigs and some end pieces of cedar shingles from the addition project
The burn box-note the resembulance to the original bat mobile from the tv series? totally unintentional.

The stove out on it's test drive. I decided to see how long it takes to boil 2 cups of water.
Success- the whistle started to blow in about 15 minutes! I see a few improvements to make but I would say it was a success. Next I will try a meal on the rocket stove but first need to find a griddle- wait I have some from the George Foreman! or best to check the thrift shops! Or Could use my cast iron skillet!
I am told you can make a rocket stove out of a large tin, like those shitty popcorn tins everyone seems to think I need at Christmas (like in this case), and instead of stove pipe, you can use tin cans for the chimney and a coffee can for the burn box. Or there is a version made from a coffee can and two tin cans for the burn box. Now I have a use for all those twigs and scrap wood from around the yard and house!