Friday, October 10, 2008

Yet another Rocket Stove! Rocket Stove III-

Here is another version of the Rocket Stove this time using a Coffee can and Two soup cans for the fire box. Here is what the inventor, rich991980, of this version has to say about it

"This is a first attempt at building a coffee can rocket stove. There are a
number of things I plan on changing for the second version, like a smaller and
slightly taller combustion chamber, to use the full height of the can for
maximum draft."

Coffee Can Rocket Stove - A funny movie is a click away

1 comment:

Suburban Guy said...

First time viewer on your site. I think it's fantastic!

On a side note: my dad used to tell me how he and his friends would make baked potatos during the depression.

They would get a can punch a bunch of holes in it, tie a long string to it. put in the potato, then fill it with hot coals, then swing the thing really fast over their heads. A very primitive convection oven.

Keep up the good work!