Sunday, August 2, 2009

Rolling BBQ! How to make a BBQ out of an old Wheel

Ever wonder what to do with those old truck wheels? You know the ones sitting in your yard? Well here is one thing I made- A bbq! Here are the steps:

Find an old pick up wheel (I got mine on Free-Cycle), Pick up a package of Ikea Capita legs- the 8" legs would have been better ( I had the 6" legs sitting around). Then take the leg mounts and put them on the deep side of the truck wheel, screw the legs through the other side, pick up agrill top (mine is for a weber grill- 18") or take one off an old bbq, Use some hardware cloth (fencing) Inside the deep end for an ash catcher. And you are done! Happy BBQ'ing!

Note: You might want to add some small C-Clamps to keep the grill centered orwhat I did is put some nuts and bolts through the top of the grill to act as a stopper!


pelenaka said...

Very Nice. Great way to reuse found stuff.

Megan the Plumber said...

Brilliant use of old materials

Unknown said...

That's so neat! It's really helpful to be practical these days, right? Like what the first comment said, it's a great way to do the three R's of the environment. With that, all that you'll need is a weber bbq cover and some weber barbecue accessories, and you're good to go! What a nice DIY project.

Mutuelle sante said...

This was a good support, thank you so much, now to make a bbq out of an old wheel is simple with your help. Thanks

Bevin Chu said...

Dear Rob,

So gratifying that other people have hit on this very same idea. It proves it's a good one.

I only wish more people were thinking along the same lines. It just makes so much sense to repurpose this "stuff" that just gets tossed away. Such a shame.

My idea was slightly different. I was thinking of a waist height standing grill. I was thinking of bolting a wheel/grill to a steel restaurant table support.

I'm thinking of the type with a single round central column, and a metal spider at the bottom for support.

Anyway, really glad to see someone else do it and not just think about doing it.

Gaz said...

I love this idea, simple effective and it looks really cool too. Cant wait for BBQ season again!

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