Sunday, November 30, 2008

Making your own Gifts- Give a gift of Beef Jerky

Please go to the post of Make your own Jerky! Jerky makes a great homeade present. You can give it in a mason jar. and even decorate the lid (See Hot Chocolate in a Jar). Just use quart jars for this one.

Updated- How to make Apricot Brandy- Make your own Gifts

I updated the post on how to make apricot "brandy"- I have added a video that might explain better how to make fruit infused vodkas easier. The Video is from the DIY show "Creative Juice" and Creative Juice Co-host Cathie Filian.
EDIT- CHILE MAKES A POINT of wishing they didn't encourage the use of a "cheap plastic ball" to tie around the top. Most people that get that will just toss it in the trash. Why not encourage wrapping in a really nice silk hankerchief (available at your local thrift store) and tying off with a pretty ribbon. Or tie a homemade ornament around the top instead of the cheap plastic ball!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

How to Brine a turkey or Chicken

Been in the stores and priced a Brined Turkey this holiday? Seems like a lot of extra expense to soak your bird in salty water. Here are step by step instructions for brining your own bird this year from the good folks at What's Cooking America?

Friday, November 28, 2008

Make your own Gifts- Hot Chocolate in a jar

If the Hot Chocolate Cone is not the message you want to give, or is too childish, or you don't want to give a thing of cocoa in a plastic bag, why not do the same thing in baby food jar? Don't have any baby food jars?
How about a 1/2pint sized jelly jar? The lids on mason jars are even easier to decorate: simply take a piece of cloth, slightly larger that the lid, (no more than 1/8th of an inch) glue it over the the lid and screw the lid on, glue a Hershey's kiss to the top or a small ornament, or follow these instructions for a 3-D effect. Or a neat re-use idea, use the lid of the jar to make a template, and use old Christmas cards. Just trace the outline of the lid on the card, cut the card and glue to the lid, The band should cover any imperfections with the cut. I re-used old Christmas stockings for mine. If the gift is for an aunt or grandparent, you could take a picture of the child and glue that to the lid!

Make Your own gifts-Hot Chocolate Cones

I watch Ms. Oprah every now and then- My mom usually has it on. I saw how to make these hot chocolate cones- a perfect gift for children, co-workers or keep on hand as an emergency gift for unexpected guests who pop in- Easy to make, the hard part is finding the piping bags (I went to Michael's and found them, I would think JoAnn Crafts would have them as well or any gourmet shop)Anyway here are the instructions for making Hot Chocolate Cones And when done you can put them in an inexpensive mug for next to nothing if you want, and fill the mug with hersheys kisses!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Buy Handmade this Christmas

I Took The Handmade Pledge!
This is a repeat of a post on my regular blog- I think it is important to support your local craftpeople. So browse etsy, or attend a local bazar or craft fair or support your local shops and give a middle finger to big business and Mr. Corporate money bags and buy handmade this year for Christmas. Buying handmade not only is more sustainable,and much kinder to the earth, but it helps your local craftsperson out too. It's the greener way to shop! So send some green to your everyday local artisans and craftspeople and BUY HANDMADE FOR YOUR HOLIDAY GIVING!

Buy Handmade Video from Etsy on Vimeo.

Monday, November 3, 2008

How to make a dog poo composter

see more puppies

This instructional video demonstrates how to make a doggy doo doo composter. Use a septic enzyme to break things down faster. Add leaves and brush to keep it from smelling. You should not use this soil on your vegetable garden, but go ahead and fertilize the flowers and ornamentals with it. It is an eco-friendly way of getting rid of dog waste.