Sunday, March 29, 2009

How to repurpose an oil lamp

I made an electric lamp out of an old oil lamp I bought a few years ago.

I bought a swag lamp kit and ran it down through the arm of the oil lamp and put the scket where the wick should be

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Domo Arigato Mr Roboto

Everneed a helping hand in the kitchen, Well make a robot. This is Mr. Roboto. He is made from a Trader Joe's mint tin. And some bolts and nuts, a couple of unistrut clamps and a toy airplane for flashing eyes. And his job is to hold recipe cards.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


First you need a mint tin- this one held some green tea mints from Trader Joe's- I peeled the stickers off - then wiped down with WD-40 to remove the glue. The cool thing about this tin is there is a plastic window already built in it- so place a picture in the window (hint if you print a pic on regular paper your can make faint lines by rubbing the back side againts the "frame" of the window then cut and edge the picturec in the window. I put a magnet on the back to put it on the fridge.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Trash To Treasure- How to make your own Solig Lanterns

I was in Ikea yesterday- they had their summer stuff out- I walked by some neat little battery powered lanterns- The Solig Lantern , which looked like my mom's old tupperware tumblers with a light in them. Well when I got home from work, I got my creative freak on. I made two versions- 1 in the lantern holders I previously got from Ikea as-is, 1 without. For the lantern I used a Crystal Light container. These are a problem for me- I cant drink regular OJ in the morning (due to the diabetes) and I love OJ so I have to drink this powdered "Tang" rip-off unless I juice my own. But what to do with the packaging? It is #5 Poly Propylene, the only place I know that recycles it is Whole Foods of which there is not one near me, or i can send them in to Recycline- Both part of their Take 5 program-I looked at the tubes of #5PP and thought those look just like the solig lanterns. So I took a battery powered tea light put one input the lid back on and POW- a Solig lantern! I love the muted look the tea light gives. For the ones with no fancy lantern holder I will take some hefty wire (probably an old coat hanger) and make a hanger for them- just drill through the top, add a loop made from a hanger and done! Note the one in the holder loses it's #5PP Lid- I will take that and make a fridge magnet photo frame. I get a neat lantern for the porch, get a re-use on the #5PP Containers and didn't have to buy a thing- I have the tea lights (available at Michael's and JoAnn's- I got a pack of 28 at costco with 56 extra batteries for like $8)I Certainly have the wire hangers (one of my favorate things to make tools and such out of)! So the way I look at it I got my "Solig Lanterns" for nothing

Battery Powered Tea lights are so cool

Ikea's Solig Lanterns

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

How to make a Potato Condo

Easy to make! Mine is 3' X 3', First I took some old 2X4's and cut to 3' lengths, then tooks some 1X6" fencing boards and cut them to 3' lengths, Screwed them to the 2X4's and then I stapled some landscape fabric to the backside.You can use old rugs or sheets or even cardboard-you don't need to use landscape fabric- I jut happened to have a roll laying around! Flip it over and fill with dirt and your potato starts. As the potatoes grow, add more side boards and dirt, the nice thing is when harvest time comes simply unscrew and remove the boards and easy harvesting! Here is a hint- try using hex head sheet metal screws instead of drywall screws on the boards for easier removal!I will update with photos in the coming months so you can see the progress!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Industrial Style Light Fixture

Here is a pic of a light fixture I made- it is a squirrel cage fan from a heater. You never know what you might find in a junk yard!

How to make a rebar Bender

I made my Rebar Bender out of a half inch floor flange, four 1/4 20thread, 1-1/2" long blots, eight nuts, 4 flat washers and 4 lock washers. On the backside of the flange I inserted a 1/2 inch 90 degree elbow (so my vice could hold on to the flange). I then went on to bend a piece of 3/8" Rebar- Guess what? The damn thing works! I made a Shepards hook on it.
Hint- you should keep a couple of pieces of pipe- I used 3/4 inch and 1/2 inch steel pipe, to use to bend the rebar, 16" and 24" inches long, respectfully. Just slip a piece of pipe onto the rebar, slip the piece of rebar you want to bend and go to it! Not perfect but it works!

Result: A Shepard's hook to hang things from!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Another variation on the Lamp Birdbath

This is another lamp birdbath I made for my Cousin Margo's birthday. This one is a lamp base, a ceiling fixture shade and a butterfly in the center.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

How to make a commuter Mug

I originally posted this at my other blog some time last year- thought the info was relevant so I am reposting the info here (you never know what I will recycle- Lumber, Bottles,blog posts!):

You need- a ball/mason jar mug.
Then you follow these directions:

Sorry about the drawings- just click on them to make them bigger!